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Pryscom Info Services Pvt. Ltd. is organized into three Strategic Business Units focused on the key markets. This structure allows us to leverage the resources to serve the best to our global customers.

Our primary focus is in the areas of Internet/Intranet, E-Commerce, Internet Exchange, Relational Database, as well as Multi-media and content design. We combine our multi-disciplinary personnel and strong technical knowledge with the cutting edge technology to create a wide range of solutions for today's enterprises.

Pryscom Info Services, offers sophisticated Internet products for small businesses and individuals, providing them complete solutions for online presence, electronic communication and information management.

This practice is built upon strong industry partnerships and extensive knowledge in eService, eMarketing, Content management / Personalization, and Data Analytics across a broad range of vertical markets.

Business -to - exchange environments
Retail E-commerce
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
E-Procurement & B2B Marketplaces

Pryscom Info Services is a leading full-service provider offering a wide range on e-solutions that rapidly transform raw concepts in to viable business strategies to enable quick and sustainable profitability. We strive to deliver services with high-impact customer value through innovative technologies and proven methods.
The Process
a). Quality As A Common Goal: Quality relates not only to the developers' skills but time allowed for development and testing as well. We work conscientiously with each client to determine a budget and a schedule, setting project milestones to be reviewed and adjusted as necessary. We provide you with the most innovative and significant solutions of the best quality standards.

b). Our approach Pryscom software Services considers the software development process as naturally partitioning into several stages,including:

i).   Project Scoping - Establishing the business case for the project, determining the project scope and initial requirements, obtaining  management buy-off on further investigation.

ii).  Design Elaboration - refining the project requirements, establishing priorities, determining the risks involved and investigating approaches, setting a project schedule.

iii). Implementation - an iterative process of designing, building, and testing code that implements progressively larger subsets of the project requirements.

iv). Delivery - extensive testing of the completed product specifically to detect flaws, with development efforts directed exclusively toward correcting the flaws.

We support our clients in realigning their IT organizations to support their e-Business objectives. Our services include mentoring and consulting in

• Internet Applications
• N-tiered Architectures
• Business-to-Business eCommerce
• Business-to-Exchange eCommerce
• Customer Relationship Management
• Product Development
• Enterprise Resource Planning

We seize to our credit a group of consultants with extensive experience and domain expertise in the following industries:

• Banking
• Insurance
• Finance
• Law
• Logistics

The benefits of our global services delivery include:
• State-of-art development infrastructure
• Extensive industry knowledge and wide domain expertise
• Efficient and flexible project teams to meets distinct client requirements
• Highly scalable and easily maintainable products
• Service level product quality assurance
• Proactive and pre-emptive services
• Post deployment operational support
• Cost-effective solutions

Pryscom Info Services is committed to accomplish greater success through recruitment of the very best candidates from mediocre to senior level experience in management and technology - locally and internationally. The services of a highly competent recruiting consultancy with access to people of extraordinary skill can greatly promote your firm's success.

The Process
In our process of this executive search, we conduct several pre-screening checks, behavioral assessments and surveys, our approach begins with a thorough identification and analysis of our client's IT staffing needs. Our recruiting team identifies IT professionals with the desired skill sets using our vast candidate databases. In case the skill sets of the professionals in our records fail to match the client's requirements, we quickly prepare an action plan to source, thru our vast network at different locations and headhunt. Interviews and also validate the candidate's credentials.

Included in the diverse spectrum of the industry, we assist you in:

Pryscom software Services staffing services provide well-qualified, pre-screened and tested staff for your temporary staffing needs. We provide resources on contractual basis for onsite maintenance, project management, project development and enhancement. We conduct a thorough search for top candidates and test, evaluate and screen them for you. We help you get your work done without investing in employee training and orientation.

Pryscom software Services dedicated consultant's work with you to develop a clear understanding of your environment and culture. This enables us to represent your needs accurately to potential candidates. The same extensive screening and evaluation process that we use for our own employees is then performed with your unique attributes in mind.

Some tangible benefits of our services are
• Ready availability of candidates
• Reduced investments for training and orientation
• Minimized recruiting time
• Reduced Advertising and Administration costs
• Validation of candidate's credentials
• Vast database of multi-skilled professionals
Pryscom Info Services serves Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Biotech companies, Healthcare Insurance and Managed Care providers, and Hospitals and Physicians. Our comprehensive solutions, based on our organizational strengths in Enterprise Architecture, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Managed Services, deliver high business value to our clients.

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Our Philosophy Dedication, Novelty, Integrity and Creativity form the core of our business model. We believe in being up front at all times and hence strive to provide efficient and reliable consulting services. We thus continually strive to fine-tune our system so that it is of maximum service to our customers and employees. We add to our proven expertise your unique requirements.

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