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At Pryscom our vision is to simplify the use and deployment of technology and, at the same time, provide all the functional richness a user needs, in a worry-free technology environment. If we are to simplify the technology environment, we must first look at the entire picture. Business information resides in every corner of the organisation and that information is critical to the success of the company.

Integration is the key to leveraging knowledge and data and bringing it together in a meaningful, usable way. To ensure success, the scope of data and information integration must include business processes and applications across the organisation and among key partners, customers and stakeholders.

For many clients and industries, stakeholder data and process integration is mandatory. Enterprise systems integration is critical to every organisation. It enables team and divisional communication and collaboration, and supports efficient reporting. In addition, your business team may have a need to interact with government entities, suppliers or vendors, industry associations, consultants, financial institutions, customers or partners.

The ability to easily exchange information and provide information access to stakeholders will make it easier for your organisation to source and retain partners and to comply with the terms of agreements and contracts among the various entities with whom you do business. Systems and data integration eliminates human error and automates processes that would otherwise be time consuming and ineffective. In so doing, it engenders process and team efficiency and improves levels of service. This integration supports business goals and objectives, allows the company to meet customer demand and achieve market targets, and improves visibility across the organisation.

We provide our clients with a competitive and business advantage by enabling seamless software integration. Our integration consulting services can ensure full data integration and interoperability of systems within your technology landscape, including information exchange with stakeholder systems. Our combined cross-platform and open source experience, and our domain knowledge and security and compliance knowledge ensure project success for every client. This foundational knowledge allows us to assess, recommend and implement solutions that are unique to our client requirements.

Our team will closely examine the needs of your business, identify and recommend integration solutions, and help you to select and implement appropriate architectures, tools, technologies and frameworks. We will deploy a high impact integration solution to ensure scalable, practical information exchange and data integration with appropriate, dependable security configuration.

Our proven project delivery and depth of experience produces consistent results, streamlines business processes, and ensures that our clients will avoid duplication and redundancy and improve data quality. We can enhance data visibility and decrease the time required to bring diverse data together for quick analysis and manipulation. The successful integration of company data and information will improve organisation performance and increase productivity.

Pryscom Integration Services include
  • Data Integration
  • System Integration
  • Application Integration
  • Integration with Stakeholder Systems
  • Integration with Legacy Systems
  • Web Services Integration
  • Integrated Reporting

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Pryscom Info Services serves Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Biotech companies, Healthcare Insurance and Managed Care providers, and Hospitals and Physicians. Our comprehensive solutions, based on our organizational strengths in Enterprise Architecture, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Managed Services, deliver high business value to our clients.

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